Our Flea Treatment

To make sure your pet is free from fleas, ticks and worms, they need to be treated on a regular basis. Subscribe to Flerm and we’ll send you the correct treatment at the exact time that your pet needs them. See how our flea treatment compares to our main competitors below:

Did you know that most flea treatments only kill the fleas, but not the eggs or larvae. Our scientifically proven combo formula kills fleas, eggs and larvae. This breaks the flea lifecyle, protecting your pets, home and family.

We used tried and tested ingredients in our flea treatments – Fiprinol and S-Methropene – the same ingredients found in other market leading treatments (But cost a lot more than ours!).

Each pack contains 1 spot-on pipette which provides 1 month of flea and tick protection for your cat or dog

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