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Why Flerm?

  • Scientifically proven flea treatments
  • Protect your pet from nasty parasites
  • Free 24/7 digital access to emergency vets
  • Free annual health check
  • Right dose, right time, so you’ll never forget
  • Free UK delivery
  • Fits through most letterboxes – no need to be home
  • Great value for money


Tell us about your pet so we can tailor their treatment

Choose your subscription

Add some handy extras if they tickle your fancy

Free delivery through your letterbox.
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What’s included?

All of our flea treatment health plans include:

Monthly flea treatment
Free 24/7 vet access (by text chat or video call)
Free Annual Health Check (by video call)
Free UK Delivery

Optional extras

Customise your health plan to meet your needs

Worming Treatment
Tasty treats



She kept on coming to us trying to do so many tricks and be very well behaved because she knew that those treats would be her reward! The medication/tablets are fantastic, so well packaged you can tell they have spent their time perfecting it and putting lots of thought and care about them. Looked very professional and great quality, definitely recommend!

Very easy and convenient service,

no more forgetting when your treatment is due. Monthly subscription box for flea and worming treatments with the option to have add ons such as multivitamins and poo bags! Essentials on hand! Coming in a large letter size box is perfect, working full time I pretty much always miss the posty but there is no stressing about having to go and pick it up, the package fits perfectly through the letter box.

Easy to use pipets with the added benefit of covering for ticks as well.

Customer service is super friendly and helpful too. Big thumbs up from us.


We recently subscribed to Flerm for Tina, she suffers with flea dermatitis so in the past if we have forgotten to put her treatment on, her skin becomes very sore. Having the Flerm flea screen combo delivered monthly reminds us when it’s time to give her the flea treatment. Really happy with the products, and she loves the biscuits too!


Would highly recommend Flerm. The sign up process was straightforward and quick. Milo received a free bag of treats when we joined and his monthly letterbox treatments are one less thing to worry about or have to remember each month! I’m also impressed that we have 24/7 telephone access to vets and an annual health check included in the subscription. I can’t think of a reason not to sign up.


Flerm is a blessing as it means that Louie gets his flea and worming treatments delivered straight through our letterbox, no hassle, and it means one less job on my to do list! Saving me time and all at a reasonable cost!


Fantastic service!! Easy to subscribe, valuable information and amazing customer service! Usually when my pets need worms & fleas I have to take it up with a few different services, meaning more effort, extra delays and double the postage fees. With Flerm it’s all in one place, simple to buy together and has free UK delivery.
Monthly & Annual pet services can become really forgettable when you have a busy schedule, but not with Flerm, they send you all you need every month automatically with no need to remind yourself! We absolutely love Flerm and would recommend them to anyone that needs similar services, 100% 5 stars and one very satisfied pet mom!



To make sure your pet is free from fleas, ticks and worms, they need to be treated on a regular basis. Subscribe to Flerm and we’ll send you the correct treatment at the exact time that your pet needs them. See how our flea treatment compares to our main competitors below:

  Free 24/7
vet access
Free annual
health check
Kills flea
Kills flea
flerm. Fipronil
Frontline spot on       Fipronil
Advantage         Imidacloprid
Bob Martin clear spot on         Fipronil
Effipro spot on           Fipronil
ITCH Pet     Fipronil

We are the only provider who gives our customers 24/7 access to a vet and a free annual health check

Free veterinary advice,
anytime, anywhere

To help you keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible, Flerm has
teamed up with PawSquad, the UK’s leading online veterinary
consultation service. Imagine having access to experienced veterinary
advice, anytime you need it, without having to leave home.

As a Flerm subscription customer you can text chat or video call with a
UK-registered vet absolutely free at any time of day or night, 365 days a
year. Enjoy the peace of mind of always having a ‘vet in your pocket’,
courtesy of Flerm.

24/7 independent advice from experienced, UK-registered vets

Available from any smartphone, tablet or desktop device

Video calls or live text chat, with the option to upload images or video

Instant access, right when you need it, wherever you are. No appointment necessary.

To learn more about your free 24/7 vet access and annual health check click here


Whilst we’re not perfect, we do the best we can to minimise the impact we have on the planet:

Eco packaging – small boxes – FSC recycled cardboard – minimal colours and water-based inks – fully recyclable – recycled materials for void filler – EN13432 Certified compostable treat packaging

If you have any suggestions on how we might do better, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always willing to listen and learn.

Let’s Get You Started With Flerm

Getting your flerm pet health plan has never been easier! We provide personalised plans according to the needs of your pet, and revel in the joy that, with our easy to use, eco friendly packs, you never have to worry about the wellbeing of your furry friend. We’re here to help you protect your pet!



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    We offer a safe product, at the exact time your pet needs it, and for an affordable price. Delivered free, straight through the letterbox, so you don’t even have to be home to receive it.

    What’s more, if your cat or dog has an accident or gets ill you can contact one of our Vets or Vet Nurses 24/7 for immediate advice on what you should do. We’re here to help you and your pet whenever you need us!

    We’ll even include an Annual Health Plan check-up as part of your package (via video call). One of our vets will give you advice on weight, health, diet and preventative care, helping you keep your pet in the best shape possible.

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    No. All of our treatments are specially licensed so that no prescription is needed.

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    Your order will be despatched within 48 hours of us receiving your payment each month. You should receive your order 2-3 days later. We use Royal Mail to deliver all our parcels.