Free veterinary advice, anytime, anywhere

To help you keep your pet as health and happy as possible, Flerm has teamed up with PawSquad, the UK’s leading online veterinary consultation service. Imagine having access to experienced veterinary advice, anytime you need it, without having to leave home.

As a Flerm subscription customer you can text chat or video call with a UK-registered vet absolutely free at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Enjoy the peace of mind of always having a ‘vet in your pocket’, courtesy of Flerm.

You will need to register with the same email address you have
used for your Flerm account in order to gain free access to this service.

  • 24/7 independent advice from experienced, UK-registered vets
  • Available from any smartphone, tablet or desktop device
  • Video calls or live text chat, with the option to upload images or video
  • Instant access, right when you need it, wherever you are. No appointment necessary

How does it work?

You can chat instantly with a PawSquad vet by live text chat or by video call at any time of day or night, wherever you are. Available from any mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Whatever your preference, it can be useful to take some good quality images or video to upload so our vets can get a good view of the problem. We’ll also send you a written report so you never forget what was said and you can share it afterwards with your regular veterinarian.

Download the app now, so you know you will always be ready when you need it, no matter where you are.

What is included?

PawSquad membership is a complementary service provided with your Flerm subscription and includes all these great benefits:

  • Unlimited text chat or video consultations, 24/7 365 days a year
  • Free online health check and personalised health plan for your pets (1 per pet per year)
  • Specialist consultations for just £48
  • Pet health newsletter full of news and tips to keep your pet healthy and happy
  • Exclusive member-only pet care offers

“Seamless and reassuring service”

“We are amazed at the level of service provided – you even receive a report written by the vet to pass on to your own practitioner if needed. Seamless service and would recommend to anyone who loves their pet!”

– Kitti


“Stress-free vet consultation”

“So this was perfect, the consultation was unhurried, I wasn’t anxious or embarrassed about what Cosmo might get up to and the advice was clear, although I love that you get it all written down as well.”

– Ellie


“A friendly and personal service”

“I love the fact that PawSquad offers a personal service. It’s one thing to google info on the web but so much more useful to be able to speak to a REAL person about your personal and unique situation with your pet.”

– Claire

What we can help with

At PawSquad we can help with nearly anything. Most of the time we get asked about:

Welcoming a new member into the family, especially a four-legged one can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed! Our vets are on hand for any questions, big or small.

Whether you have questions about vaccinations, parasite control or other routine healthcare our vets can help you decide what is best for your pet. And we take emotional wellbeing just as seriously.

Got a fussy eater? A sensitive digestion? Or just confused by the sheer range of pet food options out there? Let our vets help you make the right decisions for your pet’s digestive health.

From the quirky to the weird to the just plain odd, our pets’ behaviour can be perplexing at times. Having a vet on hand can help you understand what’s going on and give you a plan of action if needed.

Long term health problems can be frustrating and expensive to manage. Let our vets help you approach the problem holistically to keep the condition well-controlled. Or consider getting an expert opinion from one of our RCVS Specialists.

Accidents happen and illness can strike at the most unexpected moments. So it’s reassuring to know that you have a vet in your pocket to quickly assess the problem and help you decide the best course of action.

Annual Health Check

At PawSquad, we understand that keeping your pet healthy and happy is very important to you. So, we have developed a comprehensive online annual health check to help you keep tabs on your pet’s wellbeing throughout their life.

This unhurried video consultation with one of our experienced vets is free to Flerm subscription members and will help you better understand your pet’s physical and emotional needs. We’ll also summarise your consultation in a written Health Plan full of personalised recommendations and top tips.

Register now and book your free Annual Health Check.

Specialist Consultations

Sometimes, a specialist opinion can really help you understand your pet’s condition better and make the right choices for their care. Perhaps your pet has an unresolving or chronic condition and you would like specialist input or a 2nd opinion? Or maybe you would like to discuss all available treatment options before committing to a particular course of action.

Specialist referral consultations typically cost around £300 but you can have a specialist opinion through PawSquad for just £48. Our team of specialists are leading experts in their field and ready to offer their support.

Find out more about specialist consultations.

Only the best vets

Our team of highly experienced veterinary professionals are ready to talk to you.

All our vets are UK registered, with on average 12 years’ experience.
Most importantly, they’re true pet lovers who are great with both pets and humans alike.

Dr Mhairi Cameron


Years of Experience: 15+
Education: University of Glasgow

Dr David Elbeze


Years of Experience: 10+
Education: University of Veterinary Medicine of Kosice, Slovakia

Dr Silvia De Cecco


Years of Experience: 7+
Education: Veterinary Medicine, University of Padova