Natural Worm Treatments For Dogs And Cats

Worms are a common problem in all types of pets, and it is vital to control their numbers because a large number of worms can result in many health problems for your pet. Pets with worms will continue to feel uncomfortable, and it is important to treat this condition as quickly as possible.

Many people are concerned or unsure about the various products available for deworming. For them, certain home remedies can help deworm their pets.

If you want to know how to deworm a dog, home remedies, or how to deworm a puppy naturally, read this article to the end.

How to deworm a dog with home remedies

Worms can be treated naturally, and there are specific home remedies available for them. Here we will discuss the home remedies one by one.

Can lungworms be treated naturally?

Yes, there is a natural treatment for lungworms in dogs. Basically, lungworms travel to the lungs through the intestine, so regular use of intestinal worms prevention will reduce the risk of worms moving into the lungs. Pumpkin seeds can be used to deworm lungworms.

Can heartworms be treated naturally?

The first step in treating heartworms in dogs is protecting them from mosquito bites. For that purpose, a natural neem oil remedy is beneficial. Neem oil can be used topically, but it is not recommended for use in pregnant animals. Similarly, giving your dog small doses of garlic every now and then will make them less attractive to the mosquitos.

Can tapeworms be treated naturally?

Tapeworms can be naturally treated with pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a natural wormer for dogs that will kill not only tapeworms but also other worms in pets.

Pumpkin seeds contain a natural amino acid called cucurbitacin that will paralyze all intestinal worms and flush them out of the dog’s body.

Can hookworms be treated naturally?

Yes, hookworms can be treated naturally; there are certain natural remedies for hookworms in cats and dogs. Fermented (apple cider) vinegar can help get rid of hookworms. It can be used by adding vinegar to your dog’s drinking water. The dose of vinegar can be adjusted in consultation with your holistic veterinarian. Not only will the apple cider vinegar kill the worms, it will also make the dog’s coat shine.

Can roundworms be treated naturally?

A common question that pet owners ask is how to treat roundworms in cats and dogs naturally. Yes, it is possible to treat roundworms naturally by using dried coconut. Try using unsweetened coconut in food. The recommended dose of dried coconut can be adjusted according to the pets’ age and body weight.

Can whipworms be treated naturally?

Yes, whipworms can be treated naturally by using various vegetables and fruits. Chopped baby carrots are an excellent natural source of deworming, as they will scrape down the sides of the intestines.

Turmeric for worms in cats

There are few foods that are known as superfoods, and turmeric is one of them. Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties; it can repair damaged intestines and help remove worms from cats’ bodies. Turmeric also improves your dog’s gut health.

Is rabbit fur a natural dewormer for dogs?

Rabbit fur can act as a natural wormer for dogs. The fur present in rabbit ears is a natural source of fiber and helps improve digestive health. Rabbit fur is basically indigestible, and when it moves through the digestive tract, it removes food waste along with it.

This reaction of the rabbit’s fur acts as a natural wormer for dogs and provides protection by removing eggs and worms from the digestive system. To receive the best defense against worms, it is recommended to feed a furry rabbit ear each week. This regular use of rabbit ears also reduces the need for deworming tablets.

Can garlic be used to treat worms?

Garlic is sometimes used to treat worms in pets, but there is no scientific research to support this as an effective method. In the absence of research, garlic’s regular use is not recommended and is not considered an effective anthelmintic in dogs and cats.

Can apple cider vinegar treat worms?

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) acts as natural protection against worms. ACV can be used in regular water for dogs and makes the gut environment inhospitable to worms. However, the ACV dosage should be adjusted after consulting your veterinarian and according to your pet’s age and size.

Can coconut oil be used to treat worms?

Coconut oil can be used to treat roundworms in pets. Coconut oil is such a powerful anti-parasitic that it can even kill giardia, which is one of the worst insects that affect dogs and cats.


There are many types of natural wormers for dogs and cats. However, it is essential to consult your veterinarians and use them according to the recommended dosage. Whilst there is lots of anecdotal evidence that holistic/natural remedies can help to manage/reduce worms in dogs and cats, there has been little scientific research into these remedies, meaning their true efficacy cannot be accurately proven. This is why most vets strongly recommend the regular use of worming tablets to protect your pets from worms.