Cat Treats

£2.29 / month

Tasty natural treats your cat will love. Different flavour/type each month to keep your cat interested.


Cat Treats

As most cat owners know, cats are inherently fussy about what they will eat. And this can often change depending on the mood of your precious feline!

In order to try & keep your cat interested, & to offer a wide variety of options, we provide a different flavour of healthy treats from month to month.

Most of our cat treats are functional & will aim to help your cat with things like dental hygiene, digestion, anti-hairball, joint care, urinary tract, healthy coat, & general health.

Wherever possible, our cat treats will be wheat & gluten free, although this cannot be guaranteed every month.

Some months you will receive our own branded healthy treats. They will come in environmentally friendly, plastic free, compostable packaging. However, some months you may receive treats from our friends at other pet treat brands that we are partnering with. They will still be healthy and wherever possible wheat & gluten free. They may however come in plastic packaging.

Example Treats:

Chicken & liver mini bites 50g
Catnip buttons 80g
Chicken mini bites 50g
Health boost pocket bites 75g
Airdried whole sprats (great for Omega 3) 50g
Chicken chips 50g
Airdried cod cubes (great for cleaning teeth & Omega 3) 50g

Our treats are available as an add-on item to your Flea Treatment Plan subscription.