Dog Treats

£2.79 / month

Tasty natural treats your dog will love. Different flavour/type each month to keep your dog interested.


Dog Treats

We provide a different flavour of treat from month to month so that your dog doesn’t get bored of eating the same treat all of the time.

Our treats are healthy, natural, and wheat & gluten free.

Most months you will receive either Flerm branded treats or treats from our sister company Natural Pet Shop. These will usually be hand baked biscuits, single protein natural treats or natural air dried fish treats. They will come in environmentally friendly, plastic free, packaging that can be composted or put into your recycling waste once finished with.

Occasionally, you may receive treats from our friends at other pet treat brands that we are partnering with- they will still be healthy, natural treats, and still be wheat & gluten free. They may, however, come in plastic packaging.

Example Treats:

Hand baked chicken & garlic paws 100g
Airdried whole Baltic sprats (great source of Omega 3) 80g
Hand baked Duck a L’Orange (biscuit bones) 100g
Salmon, Trout & Sweet Potato nibbles 100g
Hand baked apple, blueberry & banana biscuits (vegan) 100g
Airdried cod skin cubes (great source of Omega 3 and collagen) 60g
Duck, Chicken & Sweet Potato nibbles 100g
Airdried chicken necks 100g

Our treats are available as an add-on item to your Flea Treatment Plan subscription.